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when you can't see a girl/guy properly, but from whatever angle you saw them they look hot to you
*Girl drives past a guy who isn't standing facing her*
"Oh he has potential"
by alice_in_chains July 01, 2009
When you can't wait any more.
I want to reach my potential and take it off the shelf.
by papiDen February 06, 2010
A possible addition to your social calendar, usually requiring zero commitment as to yer presence or absence to said event. (Thank Gawd.)
Hey Donna, Paradise Titty is playing Friday nite. You wanna try and go? No worries, I'm just throwing it out there as a potential.

I see the Blue Genie Art Bazaar in my future. It's a potential fer sure.

Lynda, what potentials do you have for this weekend? I'm looking for things to do.
by coleenmck December 17, 2009
Wanting to fuck some random or acquainted (usually random) hott guy/girl you see.
Guy 1:"You see the ass on that one?!"
Guy 2:"She's definitely got potential."

Girl Student: "The answer to the problem is the square root of 3.14"
Male Teacher: "Excellent. You have a lot of potential."
by thesoupnazi May 26, 2007
ability to become more than just a friend
I like that boy David. He's got potential.

by LadyBlueJay July 29, 2008
The Possibility that a person has a chance of getting laid.
"Man look at all that potential over there"!

"She has plenty of potential"
by andy-joey December 10, 2007