german stick hand grenade
The germans used potato mashers in WWI and WWII
by The Col. December 04, 2004
Top Definition
The potato masher was/is a British wording for the German Army's Stielgranate 24. It was used by every the entire Wehrmacht.

Due to it's shape and appearance it was called potatomasher by the British forces. The video game Call of Duty 2 features this fact. Interestingly the Soviet Red Army's soldiers are calling the stick grenade potato masher also.

Nowadays the German Modell 24 Stielgranate is one of the most easily recognized WWII small arms.
In the USA the Stielgranate is collected like stamps by some collecters. Especially the US soldiers returning home took one or more home with them as a "Souvenir out of the Reich".
Call of Duty 2 example: "Potato masher! Run!"
by The_Emperor July 13, 2009
Version of term "Grenade" made famous by the cast of Jersey Shore referring to ugly girls. Potato masher is what the allies nicknamed the German grenades in WWII and also refers to the ugliest, fattest and most nasty chicks one encounters.
This party is full of potato mashers, lets get the fuck out.
by JerseyJoe6262 September 23, 2010
A fun variation of the standard hand job. The man lies naked on a kitchen counter, and the woman proceeds to jack him off.
We were bored last night, so we moved into the kitchen where my gf gave me a potato masher.
by Dan I am February 05, 2010
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