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"Nazi Soldier" is a common expression for Wehrmacht soldiers and soldiers of the German Army in WWII. This expression is widely used by American video gamers who play the Call of Duty and the Medal of Honor series.

But from where this expression truly derives from? We got the word "Nazi" and we got the word "soldier".

The difference between a German soldier and the Nazi is quite simple but often not recognized:
The Nazi is the man of the NSDAP in the parliament sitting home in Berlin, Germany debating about laws and celebrating parties.
The German soldier is the poor dude who's risking his life in order to save Germany from the Allies. (Cause the Allies only agreed to a "Unconditional Surrender". So no German knew what would happen to them when accepting the treaty.)
He's the one shown as a dumb stupid person in most of the computer games and he's always your enemy.

Now after defining what a Nazi and what a German soldier is we know can have a closer look at the "Nazi Soldier". This expression is as yet said used by teenager and young adults playing computer games. As they believe every German, from baby to grandfather, was a blood thirsty, evil raging Nazi beast, they stamp the German Army with the "Nazi"-expression.

This usage of a wrong expression will approximately last forever because not even nowadays Germany and Germans have a better image of their ancestors.

This means by nothing that there were no bad people and Nazi addicts in the ranks of the German Army, but a trivializing mustn't be made. This would be like all Americans support(ed) G.W. Bush
"The Nazi soldiers were the most evil soldiers in the world"

Video gaming:

Dude1: "Watch out Nazi soldiers approaching!"
Dude2: "Let's kill the Nazi troops!"
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by The_Emperor July 13, 2009
The potato masher was/is a British wording for the German Army's Stielgranate 24. It was used by every the entire Wehrmacht.

Due to it's shape and appearance it was called potatomasher by the British forces. The video game Call of Duty 2 features this fact. Interestingly the Soviet Red Army's soldiers are calling the stick grenade potato masher also.

Nowadays the German Modell 24 Stielgranate is one of the most easily recognized WWII small arms.
In the USA the Stielgranate is collected like stamps by some collecters. Especially the US soldiers returning home took one or more home with them as a "Souvenir out of the Reich".
Call of Duty 2 example: "Potato masher! Run!"
#german #kraut #wehrmacht #grenade #potato
by The_Emperor July 13, 2009
Nazi Army is a bad wording for the German Army in WWII. It refers to the main political ideology of the Nazis.
Before the war, during it, after it and even today many people don't get the difference between Party and Army.
Trivializing is quite popular at this topic. The term Nazi army consists like Nazi Soldier of two words, it's a compound of Nazi and Army. The German Army (Wehrmacht) was criminalized by the Western and particularly the Eastern Allied countries. It was declared as evil as the Fascist Leadership. Basically this makes any army as bad and evil as its leader.
This means that f.ex. the whole US Army was bad and evil as their supreme commander Lyndon B. Johnson in the Vietnamese War. Which is obviously a lie just like the trivializing of the Nazis together with the German Soldiers is wrong.
"1939, the evil Nazi Armies start(ed) their assault on peaceful Europe!"

"The Nazi Army was the most evil army in the world"
#nazi #army #wehrmacht #german #german army #soldier #wehrmacht soldier
by The_Emperor July 14, 2009
The Karabiner 98k, Kar98k, was introduced in 1935 as the standard service rifle of the German infantryman. It's predecessor was the Gewehr 98 which was originally invented in 1898. As the Germans realized that a rifle at the length of the Gewehr 98 plus an attached bayonet is a quite long weapon. Therefore they designed a new rifle type. The Gewehr 98k, this was in late 1917. As the war was lost for Imperial Germany just one year later, nobody really cared about a re-armament of the German Army. As the Treaty of Versailles limited the total number of servicemen to 200.000 and the testing grounds for weaponry was very hard to get.

As the Nazis took control of Germany in 1930s and turned it into a dictatorship, the German Army, the Wermacht, needed to be rearmed for the Nazi's war. The Heereswaffenamt gave orders for a new small arms. The Karabiner 98k was brought into service in 1935. It was constructed to chamber the 7.92 x 52mm and it could receive the Seitengewehr 98 bayonet just like the Gewehr 98.

In World War II games like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor the Kar98k is the main armament of the German soldiers. It is a very powerful weapon and is capable of taking out any allied soldier from short to long distance by one shot. It is a fire and forget weapon, cause you don't have to care about the target anymore. The sights differ from game to game.
The Karabiner 98k was the main service rifle of the Wehrmacht.
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by The_Emperor September 17, 2009
The Armies of Darkness is a compound wording for the German Army (Wehrmacht). It is just like the expression "Nazi Army" a word to "strengthen" the evilness and the badness of the German soldiers.
Indiana Jones III: The Last Crusade

"If we don't stop them from taking the Holy Grail the Armies of Darkness will run over Europe!"
#nazi #darkness #dark #army #wehrmacht #german #german army #soldier #wehrmacht soldier
by The_Emperor July 14, 2009
The Heereswaffenamt (HWA) was the weaponry office for the Wehrmacht. This office was responsibly for different inventions and for the correct armament of the Reichswehr and her successor the Wehrmacht.

The Heereswaffenamt was established in 8th November 1919 as a branch of the Reichswehr ministry. In peace time the ministry reported to the Chief of the Army High Command.
In war times it reported to the Chief of the Reserve Army, this situation became reality on 1st September 1939.

The main responsibilities were:

- Invention and testing of new weaponry and ammunition
- Massproduction of weaponry and ammunition (Industrial Mass Production of Weaponry)
- Taking actions to enable the industrial mass production
- Technology research
- Receiving of the produced armament and ammunition
- Checking and classification of enemy weaponry

The headquarters of the Heereswaffenamt (HWA) was in Berlin Hardenbergstra├če 29.
On the 15th January 1945 its designation should be changed as it should be expanded to the Wehrmachtwaffenamt. But in the closing days of WW II this was something impossible.

By April 1945 the HWA was moved to Bavaria.
It was offically disbanded on the 27th April 1945.
One of the most famous inventions of the Heereswaffenamt was the Dora artillery gun.
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by The_Emperor September 17, 2009
Like all the videos on youtube telling you to have the latest footage of the newest game or movie just for you.
This is like: "RARE Call of Duty 7 Footage REAL"

As you are clicking on the video link you are redirected to a video of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" . The difference to the standard rickrolled is now that German soldiers are either marching to the music or you're watching real life war time footage of them fighting or you see Rick Astley singing mixed with short clips of German Army.

Other show members of the Nazi Party such as Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler or Jopseh Goebbels "dacning" to the music. Which should be rather more designated as "Naziroll'd"
Haha you got reichroll'd!
#reich #germany #rolled #roll'd #army #soldier #wehrmacht #rick astley
by The_Emperor October 08, 2009
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