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A rare form of erectile disfunction. Refers to a penis that is unable to change consistencies. A penis that is always hard, erect, schlong, fatty, boner, huge, or grabbing an apple. Or a penis that is always soft, collapsed, schlort, slim, tiny, or a shy turtle. Many sufferers believe that resorting to blumpkeroni or limberoni is the only cure, but it's not.
Tom: "My potato dick is about to explode. I better put it in my mouth and take a shit!"
by Sean Stevens October 21, 2007
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A dick that is literally shaped like a potato.

Most penises, of average girth and length, and traditional phallic shape, resemble a hot dog with a mushroom tip. A potato dick, on the other hand, is excessively girthy. Typically with a burst of girth in the middle, and the glans of the penis is smaller than the shaft resulting in it being generally indistinguishable from the rest of the penis. Potato dicks also tend to have a downward curve, but it is not a requirement.
*Watching porn with friend, no homo*
Will: Holy shit, that dude has a huge pecker!
Bill: Ya...but it's a potato dick, bro. It's like trying to jam a campbells soup can into a donut hole.
by chronowarp January 10, 2014
An expression used to describe an un-circumsized penis.
Girl 1: I heard you slept with Cory!
Girl 2: Yeah, hes big... but it would look alot bigger if he wasnt a potato dick.
by Bretzky October 27, 2006

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