A utensil for storing marijuana.
Oi bitch, pass me the pot pot, I'm gonna get spaced.
by www.fulep.com April 19, 2004
Top Definition
A pot of money that either one person or several people can put money into so that marijuana can be purchased with said money.
Jim - We have $50 in the pot pot
Jeff - cool, now we can buy an eighth
by the toadmaster February 11, 2015
the need to go to the restroom
Mommy i have to go Pot Pot
by YNATTIRB,9131 October 12, 2008
3)Short girl under 5'0 aka midget that older and taller people make fun of.
1.Stormy do you have to use the pot pot?
2.Damn that kid in the wheelechair is such a pot pot.
3.Haha she is a pot pot!
by char, chip,stormy,bran-die November 23, 2006
Pussy; female reproductive organ
Let me feel your pot pot shawty.
by Unknown March 04, 2003
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