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Dehydrated noodles & vegetables, textured soya protein and preservatives. In a pot.
Pot Noodles - the staple diet of all students.
by Miss Agreeable May 27, 2004
To leave a party or gathering for the purpose of going home to masturbate.

Formally 'Pot noodle and a wank' Now shortened
"are you coming on to the club??"
"No i'm going back for a pot noodle"
by Graham Lester January 13, 2005
the food of kings who r skint
"bring me the cheapist most delicious food available and make it snappy"
by sam.f June 08, 2003
to stay in and have a wank on a saturday afternoon
"What did u do over the weekend?"
"this and that, bit of a pot noodle"
by win-co-fo February 06, 2003
The best thing out of all the things. A pot noodle can be found on Courtney Love's rider along with a syringe of krokodil after she does a gig. It can be your friend when the sun just don't shine or when you just need a snack to kill brain cells. Pot Noodles... because you're worth it.
Courtney Love: Gah, tough crowd, need sustenance, pot noodle.
by MaxisStrife February 20, 2015
Something that is simple or easy to solve, like a 4-piece jigsaw puzzle.
"Who could have committed this horrible crime?"
"Potnoodle, my dear Watson. It was the butler!"
by P. J. April 12, 2008
The strange hinterland between really really nice and totally hideous. An item that can vary from being seen as the best possible to the worst possible from moment to moment or person to person, like a vary garish patterned item of clothing.

Something so bad it is good, or so good it is bad. For example, a really corny soap opera with naff acting (like Hollyoaks, or Days of Our Lives)
I don't know about this shirt, its a bit pot noodle, part of me loves it and part of me hates it

That gig was a bit pot noodle, I don't know what to make of it
by mim74 January 11, 2008
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