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A guy that messes with other guys girlfriends. He believes that if a girl chooses, then it is her fault and he is not in the wrong.
Guy 1: yeah man that nigga be talkin to my girl.
Guy 2: you better watch out he a postman.
by Izzy Aka Chevy_Hybrid July 13, 2006
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A male who has has sexual intercourse with a lot of females. Also known as a male slut.
"Man, did you see Jay with those girls last night? He's a straight postman"
by Jay Darrow October 26, 2006
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Drug dealer who is posted up on the corner, selling drugs.
"I'm Mr. Postman" - Juelz Santana
"Posted on the corner like a Lightpole." - Young Jeezy
by cashen August 25, 2006
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A typical nickname given out in basketball to the larger players whose roles are typically centered around "post" play. Also serves a nice double meaning, since the postman always delivers.
John Smith had a hell of an inside game. They don't call him the Postman for nothing.
by Siryam November 15, 2006
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Man that has a sex change.
Bruce Jenner is a post man
by Ron the man May 19, 2015
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The act of circling another's anus with your finger and surprising them by inserting your finger (and catching them unawares!).
My boyfriend always likes it when the postman calls.
by Katrin Princess May 23, 2006
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1) A term derived from the song "Postman," by Living Colour. The song portrays an individual who feels as if humanity, even the objects and creatures who get in his way, are torturing him with sin and monotony, and are disobeying their creator, almight God. He becomes a messanger of God's wrath and destroys humanity, a happening which is implied in the song, but never actually stated. The character portrayed in the song may actually be a postman-- which would lead one tto believe that this song is about a historical event, the mass slayings commited by psychopathing postmen-- as seen in the following verses:

"Dogs and demons, walks in my head, I'm deep under pressure"

"Heavy things in a heavy bag (possibly a mail bag), heavy thoughts on my mind"

A postman is any individual who feels as if they are being pressured by all humanity, and that they need to...

-Resort to extreme force to get their way
-Be emo x10
-Go postal (as implied in the song, "Postman")
-Be rude, or act like an ass

Postmen are people one never wants to make angry, lest they spaz out and go postal.

2) A black metal song by Living Colour. See the last definition for info in the song.

3) A postal worker. Somebody who delivers mail to people on a specific mail route.



1) To go postal.



1) Insane, psychopathic

2) Angry, emo
N1. Don't bother Little Jimmey! He's a real postman, he may just blow your head off!

N2. "Chaos and carnage surround me
While I hear their shouts and crys
I laugh at the gut while they try to surround me

--Postman, buy Living Colour

N3. The postman came by and delivered our new issue of Nintendo Power!


V1. Oh God, Jack's going postman! He's already trashed his office, and now he's taking a shit in Jenny's mouth!


A1. Eric was totally postman, so we had to send him to the madhouse.

A2. God, you're so postman! Why don't you just go off and die!?
by DeusExMagna November 19, 2005
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