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A rephrasing of the acronym PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder),
the (often) consequent behavior of those who were (or currently) traumatized.
Changed the 2nd part from an adjective to noun to generalize as it can be imprinted by just hearing unpleasant news
as well as actual physical harm
The 3rd part personalizes as this describes the afflicted rather than the stressor by which the
4th (last) i.e. (usually crappy) altitude has been modified from (original Psychology term) PTSD.
A (very) common result is that those afflicted tend to use the trauma(s) as a "crutch" rather than recovering in a healthy way,
becoming pity whores and/or control freaks to most people they interact with in their lives, often cynical wet blankets and bragplainers
Many handicapped/infirm and/or dispirited people tend to develop Post-Trauma Survivor Disposition of which rather than enjoying Life, makes those around them exploited and/or miserable
by Kozmo the WordWíld December 12, 2013
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