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Mastubation performed in the ultra-safe manner of using a condom.
John was bored one day, so he decided to have a Poshy and put on a jonny & shake hands with the one-eyed milkman

by PabloPablo January 31, 2006
1) Ahead of ones time with fashion and lifestyle. 2)Attracting extreme attention based on uniqeness and a ability to stand out. 3) Thinking rich and looking richer.
"Wow your dress is amazing, your hair is on point.. you look so poshy."

"That girl is so posh"

"Who are you poshing for? You trynna get a man?"
by Full Course Meal June 01, 2006
Term used to describe the smell from wearing work pants for too long, the back part of the pants begin to smell of stale trumps and poo. Similar to Tracky Wiff but in posher pants.
Oh my god I have poshy!
by Winnie Warbles July 19, 2010
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