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(v.) to render something that was long enjoyable completely unpleasureable. For example, Star Wars or the Shins. The term came into use in reference to the stylings of one Natalie Portman, a terrible actress that wiped her ass with the Legacy of Star Wars and ruined the Shins by offering their music up as a lifechanging experience in the film "Garden State."
Shit! What is she going to Portman next? Dylan Thomas?
by T-Dog Jenkins March 20, 2005
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To Portman, is to immediately flip-flop on a position due to recently publicized circumstances pertaining to ones own life that contradict previous stance or opinion.
Congressman Kats, who formerly voted against Medical Marijuana pulled a Portman today and is now in favor of such reform after himself being fined for possession of a baggy of marijuana found during a traffic stop.
by TZUNAM1 March 15, 2013
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