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Pornucopia is the state of mind where the majority of postpubescent males live for most of their whacked-out, whacked-off, lives.
Pornucopia is the sexual state of mind males have from the time they wake 'til the time they sleep, and the sexual dreams they have from the time they sleep 'til the time they wake.
by Randy Johnsonrod January 22, 2007
An abundant supply of pornography.

(An amalgamation of porn and cornucopia)

Known misspelling: pornacopia
Dave's got a pornucopia on his external hard disk.
by Macintalk March 01, 2008
An overabundance of porn (alternate spelling).
Jerry has a virtual pornucopia under his bed.
by Politically Addicted March 01, 2008
Porn in such outstanding variety and quantity that you shoot your wad at the very thought of the abundance.
This Thanksgiving I shall enjoy a pornucopia of earth-shattering delight.... ungh-unngghh-unnnnggghhh... ahhhh.

... need to get a mop now.
by rapmasta December 10, 2003

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