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A Canadian slang, Porch climber refers to someone who is extremely drunk or in the state of intoxication.
"DAMNNNNNNN that porch climber is still poppin bottles!"
by nuckingfutss August 15, 2011
A gamblers term in golf for someone who owes money to you from an on-course bet and disappears as soon as you walk in the clubhouse grill-room.
Also used as a term for a gambler who's handicap is questionable or possibly inflated artificially (see sandbagger).
Often shortened to porchie and used as an adjective.
I beat Pierre 16 ways on that last press. Where is he?

Can you see those hands clinging to the railing out there ... ?

That goddamn porch climber!
by vic_city_boy May 07, 2011
From "porch monkey" a lazy black person.
Why doesnt that "porch climber" get a job?
by Mendo1989 August 11, 2011

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