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A Canadian slang, Porch climber refers to someone who is extremely drunk or in the state of intoxication.
"DAMNNNNNNN that porch climber is still poppin bottles!"
by nuckingfutss August 15, 2011
Do it liquid is known as ALCOHOL.
Seeing as when you consume it, you become intoxicated, and do everything and anything without a fear.
Bob: "YOOOOO he's playin leap grof in traffic!"
Jake: "yeah! he drank that do it liquid."
by nuckingfutss August 15, 2011
Alcohol that is so strong it burns on the way down. Whiskey is mostly referred to as fire water by many
Christie: "Ouch it burnssssss!!!!"
Jake: Shut up bitch, it's thatfire Juice, suck it up."
by nuckingfutss August 15, 2011
NBS is used to define the term "nigger beating stick."
If they disobey you, get the stick. That's what it's for!
Rob: "Get me a beer nigga!"
Rob: "Where did i put that NBS?"
by nuckingfutss August 15, 2011

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