Synonymous of "cunk"
by Kort' June 30, 2003
(French porbographie, from porbographe, porbographer, from Late Greek porbographos, writing about globular prostitutes)
1. Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material of globular objects whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.
2. The presentation or production of this material.
I prefer not to watch porb.
by Iamgoodtoo April 01, 2007
A typo i made when typing prob
Person A: Are you going to capture a blue elephant?
Person B: porb
by Supernova368 May 06, 2004
From the Latin word Porbe

A Porb is a little thing that can help you and stuff.
"Hey I see you got your porb to help you out, cool!"
by Megajeff November 19, 2007
A term derived from halo slang "pwn". Comes from halo 3 forge sessions in which one player in orb mode kills another player with an object he is editing. i.e. crushing them with a moving crate or warthog.
"Dude, I totally porbed that n00b!"
by DSRP May 16, 2008

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