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This happens when I see your MOM!!!
Oh yeah!! Your Mom gives me Poppy cock!
by Don Vito June 22, 2004
25 89
british term for bullshit
Take a step outside the city
And turn around
Take a look at what you are
It is revolting
You're really nowhere
So wasteful
So foolish
-Nirvana, "Turnaround"
by kelsey March 28, 2004
451 174
1. Another word for nonsense. Or a polite way of saying something is bullshit.

2. A brand name snack food that consists of popcorn covered with caramel glaze and often has nuts such as pecans and almonds in it.
1. Pat said that aliens’ building the pyramids is poppycock.

2. Tina snuck some poppycock into the movie theater to snack on instead of buying some popcorn.
by OneBadAsp October 17, 2006
270 115
1. Nonsense
2. Soft excrement
"James, that's a load of poppycock!"
by Otaku February 06, 2003
215 74
1. A carmalized popcorn treat
2. Utter bullshit
3. A penis that makes popping noises
George W. Bush = poppy cock
by Nettled October 10, 2003
127 41
From the Dutch 'pappy cack' - literal translation 'Soft Shit'.
"That is complete Poppycock!"
by Bruce November 23, 2004
119 72
Of british origin meaning "bullshit"
"God, damn it jennifer,I am tired of you teaching kody such poppycock."
by M!K3 S^C^H^u^T^T^3^R June 25, 2003
96 64
another word for nonsense.
"Such poppycock!" Alan's mother exclaimed when he said he wasn't smoking weed.
by Katlynnnn July 24, 2009
33 21