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the fittest girl i know :p
is also a mean green sexual machine >???
LOL urm... hahahahahahahah
by jamus January 07, 2005
An affectionate term that loving daughters give to scary fathers. A Popi is a very lovable pops that is also monumentally scary when angered. A Popi usually has a square head like a television, no neck and occasionally sports a goatee or an Italian gangster hairdo. Avoid being smacked by a Popi because it frequently creates concussions.
He hasn't met my Popi yet because he still has his shoes and no shoe shaped scar on his forehead.
by Cruella McDrag March 02, 2013
(n.) Plural of popo.
Dood! It took three popi to take him down!
by the brodie January 23, 2011
To Give or Recieve Oral Sex(head;blow job)
come here ma gimme' some popi
by Joshua April 18, 2005