A corruption of the word 'open'. Used specifically with windows.
"Bill, would you popen the window?'
by Alex J Matthews May 08, 2008
Top Definition
Like pimpin', but for catholics.
Jeff: Hey Ted, did you see Father McCleary's new car?

Ted: Yeah, that ride is totally popen'!
by Good_old_Jerry November 04, 2008
Looking ridiculously cool
ie.big pope'n
R. was pope'n when he wore that crown from the dance that looked just like a pope's hat. The crown didn't even fit into the picture.
by Imakemyownwords February 22, 2007
When one stands up in his/her own bed, urinates on every nearby surface, and proceeds to lay down in said urine for a good nights rest.
Haha ... omg I can't believe Cheesman got the Popen last night!
by Zip February 07, 2003
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