Hardcore influenced pop punk, using characteristics of both genres together. Created by Australian band 'Wake The Giants!'
"Hey bro, what's an awesome band I should get into that's not as heavy as hardcore but not as soft as popunk?"

"Check out 'Wake The Giants!'. They're a popcore band."
by heysupbro May 16, 2009
Top Definition
a non-offical ( meaning bands don't declare themselves it) fusion genre, fusing, pop-punk/alternative with metalcore/posthardcore. Lot's of mainstream bands are of this genre.Ex: A Day To Remeber, Alexisonfire, Silverstein, Underoath's album "They're Only Chasing Safety", etc
Dude #1: Yo you listen to popcore
Dude #2: Nah bra, why?
1: Cuz it's totally awesome you gotta check it out
the next day:
1: Yo you ever check out popcore
2: Ya! it's sick i like A Day To Remember's " The Downfall of us all", Alexisonfire's " This could be anywhere in the world" silverstein's " If you could see into my soul", and Underoath's "Reinventing Your Exit"
1: Of Course.
by Curanza September 27, 2009
A genre of music consisting of up beat pop vocals and guitar mixed in with hardcore vocals and breakdowns (Ex. A Day To Remember)
Hey man what that awesome music your listing to?

This? this is popcore brosive
by zigi April 18, 2009
Popcore is an up and coming genre pioneered by the band Monaco Clothing Heist. It consists of hardcore influenced music with pop vocals to create an onslaught of awesome sounds.
-That band sounds great! I love the awesome music! What and who is this?

-Its popcore. Get used to it.
by Mikecons November 27, 2007
popular hardcore music.
When you start hearing hardcore on the radio, they'll call it popcore.
by ;) June 17, 2004
pop punk/pop music with hardcore attributes/influences.
from first to last and underoath arnet screamo, theyre popcore.
by Nate February 21, 2005
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