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An awesome song about a dance move, or firing a handgun. The song is by Huey.
Chorus: Toot that thang up mami, make it roll. Would you Pop Lock drop it for me girl, get low. If your mama gave it to ya baby girl, let it. show. If you pop lock drop it for me maybe we could roll. OHHH! Pop Lock and Drop it x7
by ★☢тgρ¢∂ѕ☢★ April 04, 2009
-to hurry your ass up!
Keith: "How much longer are you going to be?"
Holly: "I just got out of the shower and I still have to get ready!"
Keith: "Girl, you had better Pop Lock and Drop it!! I ain't waiting on your ass all night!!!"
by HDger May 10, 2010
Pop a boner lock it in your girls vagina when pants zipperd and drop your pants!
Song by Huey called pop lock and drop it
Get a hard-on insert your penis in a girl and drop your pants.
by Billy TM March 27, 2007
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