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When you gettin that Yoplait fo sho!
"oh baby try my thick and creamy vanilla fo shogurt!"
by Alaskan_dude March 13, 2009
When you look at someone and realize you just saw them wearing exactly what they're wearing in the exact same place in a picture on facebook that you either saw recently or just was looking at. Similar to Deja Vu
"Whoa Tyler I was just looking at a picture of you wearing that Kazaam shirt! Deja Facebook!"
by Alaskan_dude February 28, 2009
Action taken when things are starting to heat up between a couple in a room where the door isn't locked. Mostly occuring durring a party or at a fraternity. One must Pop out of the bed, Lock the door, and Drop back into bed.
"Matt next time that happens you gotta remeber to Pop Lock and Drop. Lock it up tight!"

"Doesn't matter how you pop, thats just whatever it takes to get you to LOCK. And after that just drop."
by Alaskan_dude March 01, 2009
Walking in a straight line for your field sobriety test.
"When you get pulled over whether you get a ticket or not depends on how well you can walk it out"
by Alaskan_dude March 09, 2009

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