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A fart consisting of one flap of the butt cheeks.
"Was that a fart or a pop fart?"
by popfartists December 02, 2009
A sort of parody off 'Pop-tarts'...A flatulent that comes so fast it pops out of the toaster (Butt) with incredible ferocity.

"Hot damn Aunt Jemimah, that Pop-fart could have blown Ben Afflect's face off. Nice!"
by Melvin_Lover August 16, 2006
The "popping" sound your anus makes when farting usually found with high pressure, short farts.
Steve was embarassed at the party when he unsuspectingly let out a few pop farts
by MSchwark August 30, 2008
A release of air from the eyelid/eye socket, resulting in a popping/farting sound
My eye totally just pop farted
by cerbercus November 19, 2009

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