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A female that is undeniably slutty, from the way she walks to the way she dresses. There are no doubts about her.
- "Hey Melvin, did you bang Jaunita last night?"

- "Damn straight nigga, she's a hoe fo sho."

by Melvin_Lover July 27, 2006
A sort of parody off 'Pop-tarts'...A flatulent that comes so fast it pops out of the toaster (Butt) with incredible ferocity.

"Hot damn Aunt Jemimah, that Pop-fart could have blown Ben Afflect's face off. Nice!"
by Melvin_Lover August 16, 2006
The external vaginal lips. Different level's of 'puffiness' are determined by the size and shape of the lips. Puffy is often reffered to if seen through particularly tight articles of clothing (Spandex)...do not confuse with Camel Toe
"Hot damn, I thought that girl had a hotdog tucked up unda' her crotch, but that was her puffy!"
by Melvin_Lover August 15, 2006

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