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(adj) - Wack, terrible, bad, shitty.
Yo this party is Poovi as hell
by zinvor October 19, 2010
n. Someone or something that has the odor of poo. Adj. statement - to describe something as being bad, (2) poovis.
n. you are a poovis

adj. this math homework is poovis
by Amanda Sherma November 11, 2002
1-An absurd being you can't help but laugh at.
2-A girl who fancies pooping.
Jessica Lynn West is a crabby poovis.
by Franklin April 18, 2003
When you don't feel good, but there's no name for your ailment.
Jake woke up feeling sick today. The doctor couldn't find a diagnosis. Must be POOVIS.
by Shirley Lipner July 17, 2006
paiges nickname for danielley! ahhaa
what up poovis?
by markkie June 01, 2003