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One who dresses unfashionably (outdated) to be fashionable or ironic.
Did you see that frumpster chick? I'll bet her grandma gave her that wolf sweatshirt when she was 10.
by pulpbeats March 21, 2008
A used condom filled with ejaculate dangling from a flacid penis.
Honey, please remember to take off and throw away your love tassel tonight, I keep finding them in the sheets.
by pulpbeats October 09, 2009
A motion picture that's title sounds like it could be about feces, the act of defecation or the need to defecate.
Poovies: Can't Hardly Wait. The Nutty Professor. Children of the Corn. The Departed. Stand and Deliver. Walking Tall. Sea biscuit. There Will Be Blood. TMNT 2 The Secret of the Ooze. The Dukes of Hazard. In the Line of Duty
by pulpbeats July 26, 2010
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