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The act of taking a picture of ones poo on your phone, and then sending it, via bluetooth, to any indiscriminate person who happens to be unfortunate enough to have their bluetooth on at the time
"Wow, I just laid a huge brick, i'm gonna have to pootooth someone with that gem"

"Oh my god, I can't believe that, some random has just pootoothed me, that is disgusting!"
by TheSniffer1979 June 30, 2009
A dead tooth that has turned brown and poo colored. Made funny by the wireless 'blue-tooth' contraptions of today and the future!
Dave Mira used to have a poo-tooth.
by scariel September 12, 2006
A dental crown that has been dislodged, swallowed, retrieved from fecal matter, sterilized & re-cemented in order to avoid costly replacement. While indistinguishable from others, you will always know where that tooth has been.
"Damn! I just swallowed my crown! I better get a new one."
"You do realize a new one is like $900..."
"Damn! Now I'm gonna have a poo tooth! Where are the baggies?"
by mudboy247 October 05, 2009
The device used to talk with people, via Bluetooth, while you are taking a poo.
Rodney: You should've seen Lulu last night, she was drunk and still beating everyone at pool.

Charles: For real? That's crazy. Ey, hold up, lemme put you on Pootooth real quick. I gotta take a dump.
by iPoopOnCake March 13, 2010
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