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A meme from the Heavy in Valve game Team Fortress 2, edited from the line "Put dispenser here." Basically a version of PINGAS, used in YouTube Poop videos.
by Poisoned Al November 10, 2010
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Pootis is the dark slime that seeps down your throat as you watch Heavy swaying left to right, you want to blink but your eyes start to bleed in the painful montion of movement as you cannot look away, you start to clench your fists as you cannot move from your current position, the eyes of the Scout venture deep inside your soul as you begin to sweat uncontrollably, and as you begin to feel dizzy the video continues and continues. The only way to stop to remove pootis.
Remove pootis now!
by Piingas November 20, 2010
"Pootis" is a quote from the Heavy, from Valve's free-to-play Team Fortress 2 game. The original quote by said Heavy is "Put dispenser here". However, due to his accent, it appears to sound like he is saying "Pootis spencer here". Therefore, people have grabbed the word "Pootis" from this, thus creating an internet meme.

by Outspace June 23, 2013
Meaning 1 : "Pootis" or "Pootus", ~noun, Phu-tos the meaning of life.
Meaning 2 : A Phrase removed from TF2's Put Dispenser Here. Used by the Heavy Weapons Guy of TF2
Example 1 :Scout: Yo Heavy
Heavy: What?
Scout: Define "Pootis"
Heavy: "Pootis" or "Pootus", ~noun, Phu-tos the meaning of life.
Example 2: Heavy : Put Dis/penser here.
by SirKnowsALotDictionary September 16, 2015
The very top of your butt crack, where it is just a fold and does not lead to anything, such as a butt hole. Often times, when somebodies buttcrack is showing, it is the pootis.
Emilie, your pootis is showing!
by EmilieJordan2413 February 15, 2014
peice of crap
by Soomer June 15, 2003
An intellectually challenged human who poots a lot
"What's that smell? Oh, Eugene, you are such a pootis." as in Joysticks
by Baber August 15, 2006

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