Someone that is so unbelievably hot even they're poo has a tang of attractiveness to it. Being overwhelmed by Pootang can result in delirium, madness and hysteria. See example below

note: The person holding the Pootang, must be hotter than your average 'hottie'.
Tom: Man, look at that ass
Connor: Woooooooooooooah, she has the Pootang

*5 seconds later after being exposed to a dangerous amount of Pootang*
Connor: DAVE!!!
by MyNameBeTom January 09, 2011
refers to virgin pussy
hey, that girl's got a pootang!
by Hoe, Bitch, Skank March 08, 2005
like poontang only involving the anus
I scored some pootang off that fine tailed hunny
by anonymous March 09, 2005
The gay version of "poontang".
Nigel: Hey Gordon, I could really go for some pootang about now
Gordon: Ooh Nigel I thought you'd never ask, let me bend over so you can have mine.
by fireman_sam October 16, 2006
another word for sex, as used by the SAI in Ireland
Having pootang on scout camps
by No1 September 29, 2003
A slimy mucus that comes out of a womans vagina twice daily. It is toxic to ingest, however smoking it is fairly safe and leads to a euphoric high lasting between 3-4 hours.
Right kidda you wanna eat some pootang?

Naaaaaa lad thats sketchy shit lets smoke it n get twisted laaa.
by b3nmay456 August 20, 2008
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