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one who is being lame or getting on your nerve. particularly someone you straight up don't like at the moment.

the "french" term for pussy!
"yo, why you bein such a pooswa!"

"voule vu coche avec moi POOSWA!"
by piggies July 01, 2006
A slang term for a Chippewa Indian male in mid-life crisis. Usually found off the reservation fishing in waters in the Pacific Northwest.
I went to the river to stellhead but there was this cranky old Pooswa on the bank.

Sitting at the intersection this Pooswa in a black truck hit my ass.

I'm no a bigot but that Pooswa keeps checking out my girlfriend, if he doesnt back off I am going to shove a ladder up his ass.
by wajemofo June 03, 2010