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A slang term for a Chippewa Indian male in mid-life crisis. Usually found off the reservation fishing in waters in the Pacific Northwest.
I went to the river to stellhead but there was this cranky old Pooswa on the bank.

Sitting at the intersection this Pooswa in a black truck hit my ass.

I'm no a bigot but that Pooswa keeps checking out my girlfriend, if he doesnt back off I am going to shove a ladder up his ass.
by wajemofo June 03, 2010
one who is being lame or getting on your nerve. particularly someone you straight up don't like at the moment.

the "french" term for pussy!
"yo, why you bein such a pooswa!"

"voule vu coche avec moi POOSWA!"
by piggies July 01, 2006
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