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The feeling you get when you just have to poop really badly but can't
Man that burrito is giving me gas but I'm in the middle of Science class. I feel so Poopy Doopy
by ThePoopMaster900 April 27, 2011

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Faux-expletive used in place of any commonly-considered child-unfriendly term for excrement. Automatically-generated by the censor system of a certain popular English-language Godzilla chatboard.
"Aw, you're so full of poopy-doopy!"

"They're using Mothra again?! That's poopy-doopy!"
by CyHunter December 15, 2003
when you have to poop after smoking a cigarette, cigar, or blunt.
That blunt has me felling Poopy Doopy.
Can i use your bathroom?
by Zaflum August 10, 2008