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Possessing of characteristics socially defined and abnormally below average, ie. Stupid, retarded, moronic, idiotic.

Extreme below average I.Q.
Example 1:
Ryan Chambers' name is Poopshit.

Example 2:
Man 1: "Who is Poopshit?"
Man 2: "Ryan Chambers IS Poopshit!"
by Kyle July 21, 2004
22 12
adj. Similar to the word "shit" used by anyone who thinks something is not going to good, only more immature.
"Poop-shit, I just got an 'F' on my test."

"My girlfriend just dumped me. POOP-SHIT!!"
by K-Rem April 24, 2007
7 2
Something that sucks; exact opposite of the shit or the "poop"
"Hey shorty your man be frontin lately, he's the poop shit."

"I gotta work all night, that's the poop shit."
by K-Unit n' A-Dubbz June 29, 2005
10 20