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Possessing of characteristics socially defined and abnormally below average, ie. Stupid, retarded, moronic, idiotic.

Extreme below average I.Q.
Example 1:
Ryan Chambers' name is Poopshit.

Example 2:
Man 1: "Who is Poopshit?"
Man 2: "Ryan Chambers IS Poopshit!"
by Kyle July 21, 2004
adj. Similar to the word "shit" used by anyone who thinks something is not going to good, only more immature.
"Poop-shit, I just got an 'F' on my test."

"My girlfriend just dumped me. POOP-SHIT!!"
by K-Rem April 24, 2007
Something that sucks; exact opposite of the shit or the "poop"
"Hey shorty your man be frontin lately, he's the poop shit."

"I gotta work all night, that's the poop shit."
by K-Unit n' A-Dubbz June 29, 2005