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<b>Poopschmere</b> (POOP-Shmeer) <i>adv...int...preposition...</i> No one REALLY knows what poopschmere means... Some describe it as: "A really awesome website," While others say it is: "The hight of sexual pleasure." No one will ever really know...
heh... actually it kinda tickles
by Evin290 August 13, 2003

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The meaning of life. A word which so surpases any other in any language ever.
"Horse on senator is the greatest Poopschmere ever" or "You're my little Poopschmere"
by Jon Ross July 28, 2003
kind of like the Buddist state of nirvana....a fantastic feeling

see colin brennan
i have achieved poopschmere
by Houm November 15, 2003