Tampon for men.. lol.. when you want to play outside, but those really bad spit shits are stopping you!
Dewd i gotta change my poopon....you wear poopons? What the fuck is a poopon? A tampon for those runnie days!
by Kry guy October 17, 2007
the poop that hangs from any mammals ass by a long, earlier swallowed, hair strand.
dude look at your dog sparky running circles. He's got a poopon hanging out his ass and he tryin to get dat bad boy.
by Raelpal June 21, 2011
The act of browsing Facebook or groupon while pooping.
Sorry I didn't text you back, I was getting my poop-on.
by Sanjauntenejo January 07, 2013
ebonics - the application of dijon mustard, as on a sandwich.
"Sup, yo! Gimmee dat bread. I'm 'bout ready to get my poop-on."
by Paris Satanus December 06, 2007

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