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The next day after-effects of drinking Knight's Head Lager the night before. This condition includes stomach cramps and severe diarreah and can last up to 2 days. This is not a chivalrous poop.
"How was your Knight's Head last night?"

"It was good, but today I missed 3 classes due to the Pooponic Plague."
by chugers April 14, 2009
After a night of debauchery and tomfoolery, a man and woman go to bed. The man waits until the woman is asleep, rips an ungodly fart, and then pulls the covers over her head. If the woman does not wake up in 10 seconds, she is probably dead or really wasted.
"Yo how was last night with Ashley?"

"I totally gave her the auschwitz and then bolted when she woke up."
by chugers April 14, 2009
A man knows he is in love when he is shaving in the bathroom, and his girlfriend casually stroles in and proceeds to sit down and take a big shit in his presence.
After man gets over the initial shock of the situation and realizes he is falling in love :

"Will you marry me?"
by chugers April 14, 2009
The act of a woman being pleasured by the gentle tickle of an irishman's scruffy beard and pubes, usually from behind and after a pint or 10 of Guiness.
"Yo dude, shave your pubes."

"Nah man, I'm known for my Irish Tickle around town."
by chugers April 14, 2009
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