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n. Falling asleep on the toilet, specifically when there is poop hanging out of your butt. Usually occurs due to the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Dude I just took a 30 minute poop nap and woke up because I was snoring so loudly.
by Master_Q January 01, 2010
poopnap. noun. Taking a long time in the bathroom at work so your co-workers think you're pooping but really you're taking a nap in the stall to kill time. Poopnaps last anywhere from 5-20 minutes in length. It helps to make a pooping joke as you re-enter the office. For example "I don't know what the hell I ate last night but its killin me"
"I had to kill an hour at work before I could go home for the day so I took a poopnap."

"I was WAY too hungover to do work, so I went and took a poopnap"

"My co-workers think I have IBS but really, I just like poopnaps"
by thatmandb April 29, 2010
When, in the event of total exhaustation, you are sitting on the toilet and you fall asleep mid-poop.
"Man, last night I was SO tired, I took a poopnap"
by queenelizabeth12 May 16, 2009
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