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The act of sneaking into someone else's room, dropping a payload in their toilet, not flushing, and then leaving a note signed 'Pooping Tom' on the toilet seat. Usually occurs in college residence halls.
"Dude, someone left a big, steaming pile of feces in my toilet with a note that said 'Courtesy of the Pooping Tom'!"
by Rack Jeacher June 11, 2013
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Someone who peeks underneath the toilet stall in a public bathroom to view those defecating in adjacent stalls. Akin to a "Peeping Tom" but instead of watching you change, he wants to watch you pinch one off.
"I was trying to take a dump in Macy's but I couldn't squeeze it out because the guy in the next stall was a Pooping Tom."
by Dingus Bray November 02, 2014
One who peeps while pooping.
I pulled a pooping tom last week when I was pooping outside and I was totally able to see my hot neighbor undress through her window. It was glorious.
by iTchRRA August 06, 2010
when you need to poop so bad that it seems your poop is peeping out your butt-hole
Bob: I cant make the 3 o'clock , got a pooping tom situation
by rptl January 27, 2011

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