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Pronunciation: \,püp-er-ˈtān-mənt\
Funtion: Noun
Date: 21st century
1: the act of entertaining while taking a poop
2a: amusement or diversion provided especially by a technological device <like an iPhone, MP3 player or other handheld device capable of providing portable entertainment> b: something diverting or engaging: as (1): television (2): magazine or periodical
3: a device or other instrument suited for entertainment purposes that is capable of delaying the standard time it takes to relieve oneself.
"I better not forget to bring my poopertainment with me into the bathroom."

"My iPhone is fully charged, this should provide all the poopertianment I could possibly need."

"If it wasn't for this captivating article I probably would have been done hours ago, poopertainment has really increased my procrastination!"
by JShopinkski March 08, 2010
2 Words related to Poopertainment
Any form of bathroom entertainment than is viewed while on the toilet
The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Provided just the right amount of poopertainment while I took a dump.
by T swizz October 15, 2010

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