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The process to making poopcorn is very easy.
1.swallow whole popcorn kernels
2.wait until you poop those kernels out
3.pick out the kernels and put them into a popcorn popper
Yeah my friend slipped me some poopcorn inside of regular popcorn it was gross.
by Zandros January 03, 2010
Upcoming internet poker sensation.

If you mess with the corn, you get shat on. "Corn cakes for dinner, baby!!"
by alaw900 September 21, 2010
when you take a shit, you have left over corn in it
adil ate corn last night, he poopcorned it out this morning, it was still yellow
by garrett December 03, 2003
When you poop and it comes out in small chunks, what's in the toilet is referred to as poopcorn. Poopcorn is unlike popcorn. It may be small like popcorn, but it sure isn't as tasty as popcorn. Eat at your own discretion.
Steve: Oh man, I just made some poopcorn in the toilet.
by wasad September 25, 2011
Popcorn with melted chocolate in it
"Man that poopcorn last night was amazing. It's better than regular popcorn!"
by Leah51593 November 10, 2008
poop that is in the shape of corn. and of course... it must have the little corn kernel stuck in it for your viewing pleasure.
mosimo: Golly gee gabe! look at that poopcorn!
Gabe:Wow! now that's what i call a piece of artwork!
by v-foo June 13, 2006
A turd that REALLY looks like a pice of popcorn.
Patient: Do you think something's wrong with me, my poop looks like popcorn.
Doctor: No, you're fine.
Patient: I could be coming down with poopcorn!
Doctor: (Sarcastically) Ha ha, very funny.
by Kara@Awesomeness January 02, 2016
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