Top Definition
1. A term used to describe someone who is lame, uncouth, or vile.

2. Someone who would do such a heinous act such as pooping on a cat.

3. A person that during a game of truth or dare pooped out on a window and onto a cat.
a) Aww man, Kanye West is such a poopcat.

b) Did you see what that poopcat just did?!

c) Wow, Carolyn is literally a poopcat. That's disgusting!
by coolbeans559 September 22, 2009
1. A cat made out of poop.

2. A saying, like "crap".
1. Woah!! It's a poopcat!

2. Aw poopcats, I forgot my car keys!
by OHMYSWEETJEBUS July 27, 2009
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