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The poopy dribble that runs down the leg of the futtbuckee! Usually described as "a brown, almost shit kinda liquid"

Poopadoop occurs when a forced fecal excretion, during anal sex, causes a liquid or slurry defication to force it's way through air gaps between the penis and rectum wall of the futtbuckee!
Todd licked off the Poopadoop from Tina's thigh after he fiercely futtbucked her.

After I futtbucked my cousin the Poopadoop had to be washed off my pecker!
by Damian Bunny March 30, 2008
A term used to express feelings of disappointment, fialure, or any othernegative feelings.
Commonly used in place of "shit" and "fuck."
Can also be used to describe someone who just kind of sucks.
Brandon is being so lame.
I know. What a poopadoop.
by Awesomeladee June 18, 2011
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