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When two people back thier naked buttai next to each other and one person defecates into the others asshole. This can go back and forth indefineatly. Usually a homosexual act.
Man, last night me and Rico had one heche poop loop sesh; his asshole sure can hold some poop!
by Brian Newzealand July 23, 2008
Farting or taking a dump in fruit loops
"These poop loops are crap so im going to crap on them to make them even crappier!"
by Hazrat June 01, 2009
someone that really gets anoying and gay so you call him a poop loop to make him mad. Not to sure what to name it but it has a cool name brady cramer and joey graham are still makin the definition.
shut up you stupid poop loop
by brady cramer February 23, 2005