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When someone doesn't wipe properly and they are left with poo on their anus.
Guy #1: Dude did you see that guy, he just mooned me.

Guy #2: Yeah, but the joke's on him. He had a poonus.
by bovvers February 21, 2013
A poonus is like a penis but smaller and slightly ingrowing.
somtimes with no ball sack.

In cold weather this often resembles a bellybutton.
unfortunate people often have a poonus
by Sam Poonus September 21, 2009
A slang term for shitting on ones face. Usually performed at parties or sleepovers. Gets the name from poo + on + you
Jeff: Hey guys what are you up to
Moe: well we were just going to poonu on you, before you woke up....
by gaytard101 March 08, 2011
When you're taking a shit and you get an erection
Why you taking so long on the toilet? You got a poonus or something?
by Barnchird December 16, 2005
when you are in mid poo and it is stuck in the anus a fusion between poo and anus is poonus that is the moment to capture as 'poonus'
when you cannot get the poo out of your anus on the toilet
by mr.p.oonus May 05, 2005
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