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I mythical female creature who's hot, horny, smart, successful, can fix your car, who's into all the geeky shit that you're into like video games and Star Wars. Basically, your dream girl.
"Man, I saw my poonicorn at the halloween party last night she was dressed in the hottest Cheetara costume. Too bad I didn't have the balls to introduce myself to her"
by King Benny October 21, 2008
43 7
A group of fantastical females. Ladies with a certain style and whimsy that congregate for nights on the town and sleepover parties.
Tonight, us poonicorns are going to drink some mai tais and saddle up our bikes to ride to an art party on the other side of town.
by Lindsey Gice October 04, 2007
29 8
when someone has a poo on your forehead and it makes you look like a unicorn
yo dude, ill make you a freakin' poonicorn!
by noobies1705 May 15, 2008
9 31
someone so gay they are like a poon wearing a unicorn
God you peoples are hellsa being poonicorns, you guys suck.
by Erik and Clayton March 25, 2004
10 46