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The atmosphere left in the bathroom after a poo and a shower
When you've had a poo, and jumped straight in the shower. The moist farmyard aroma you leave is poomid
#poo #shower #mist #aroma #farmyard #humidity #humid
by andrich April 22, 2010
The shape of a perfectly formed pile of shit. The pyramid shape is the ultimate poo triangle. Often times left by show dogs, egyptians, and women.

May also be a pyramid of poo in a text message made by emoticons to represent the awesomeness of a poo an individual just saw, or took themselves without sending an actual picture of feces.
The dog is fabulous, it only makes poomids.

Jeff sent a poomid via text to Adrianne to represent how awesome of a poo his dog just took.
#poomid #poo #shit stick #shit #crapper
by JJ the jet plane December 03, 2012
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