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A log of poo. Is commonly used when there is nothing else to say. Rarely is poolog actually used describing a log of poo.
Man, that test today was poolog.

Your face is poolog.
by Justin Smith January 21, 2004
A nice solid poo.

Thick as a babies arm, but firm-squishy like toothpaste
Kre8 - left a poo log in the toilet
by Stompn_tom April 08, 2005
a large hurtful feces that exits one's butt
My butt hurt for a few minutes after dropping the poo log.
by jjula March 08, 2008
To urinate in a person's backpack and then close it.
Wow, I totally just poologged that slampig's backpack.
by NBK March 05, 2005
A turd shaped brown Russian pastry covered in slivered almonds - somewhat camouflaging its very poo-like appearance.
I'd like a coffee and poolog, please.
by bananas brown May 29, 2005
To urinate in a backpack and, when done, close the zipper...while yelling racial insults.
Wow, I totally just poologged that girl's backpack.
by NBK March 05, 2005
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