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"From old celtic mythology; A fairy spirit in animal form, always very large. The Pooka appears here and there, now and then, to this one and that one. A benign but mischievous creature. Very fond of rum pots, crack pots, and how are you Mr. Wilson?"
-Harvey, 1950
"Oh you can't miss him Mrs. Chumley. He's a Pooka"
"A Pooka? Is that something new?
"No no, as I understand it that's something very old"
by PortalMonkey December 11, 2007
A racial slur that can be used to broadly define ethnicities other than yourself. Usually used to describe a fat or slothful peoples lacking modesty and basic hygiene
"There are too many damn pookas on this damn beach"

Daughter: "Mommy can I go to my friend Jean's house?"
Mother: "No no honey, we don't associate with Pookas because we want you to grow up to be successful."
by urbanSLug November 08, 2010
A racist term used to describe a person of any ethnicity or race. Meant as a way of vocalizing racial frustration without specifically offending anyone in particular. Perfect for former racists who are trying to be more politically correct.
"Damn pooka took my wallet!"

"As side from Tim Burton and Sarah Palin, pookas are probably the most destructive force in American society."

Ian: "Whoa dude why did you just kick that guy?!"
Thomas: "Its ok, it was just a pooka. They don't have feelings."

"There are indeed too many damn pookas on this damn beach"
by AngstyGnome December 03, 2010
a miscehvious spirit in the folk tale of the Irish
Damn man, I got high last night and saw a POOKA!!!!
by Whatever doc September 01, 2003
A pooka is a cute nickname people give to their soulmates.
"Hey pooka wanna watch a movie together?"
"Pooka let's cuddle."
by layonbritelites September 16, 2013
an imaginary friend

The Pooka can only be seen and heard by its owner.
by Anonymous August 29, 2003
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