Affectionate term for the noble pug dog. Variation on the more formal püg (with umlaut).
Mark thought the poog smelled like a clam bog.
by minxvox July 04, 2006
adj. Poogish, Poogishly, Poogishness. Used to describe a person or thing as either, 1. Limited in thought or concentration, or 2. Having no purpose in life, or wandering for no reason. 3. Also describes drunkedness or cloudiness of mind and use of limbs.
4. Used to decribe oneself's actions.
v. "Nadroj ambled around the park poogishly after having one too many drinks at the party."
"I sat in a poogish stupor during the math test that I had failed to study for."
by Solokin Amahimat September 17, 2005
Most annoying shit ever, weird, small mouthed and eared, obsessed with fictional vampires and gets massively pissed when hair is touched. Much like their master: a Fiona.
"Look at that toad-looking thing!"
"Is that a toad? I assumed it was a poog!"
by George Is A'Hot'Bum July 10, 2008
Pissed Off Older Guy -
He's 58 and such a poog
by Linguist September 19, 2005
A word that i made up while playing Pokemon. Poog is or the utmost pooginess. It can even rule.... your mother!
Damn Billy Joe Keith Richardson, i reckon that poog just put cho mamma in a head lock, she said she like it how he stick it , make the bed rock.
by Patrick Cooney June 13, 2004
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