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Simply put, sweet smelling farts.
Joe's really working the poofume this morning.
by MichaelKB December 09, 2005
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The lingering foul smell that follows a person who has recently evacuated their bowels. Often intensified in confined spaces e.g. on a transatlantic economy class flight.
"I say Reginald, that fellow appears to be dragging an odour around with him since visiting the toilet."

"Don't worry Edith, that's just his poo fumes."
by gangstahippo January 02, 2013
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anything one grabs for in a guest's bathroom to cover up the lingering small after taking a surprise dump.
After dropping a deuce and not wanting to be found out, she reached for anything with a spray nozzle to act as a poofume to cover up the smell.
by tamtamcracker April 11, 2011
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the residual aroma left in a bathroom after a woman has dressed for work, sprayed herself with perfume and then realizes she has to take a shit. When she exits the bathroom the remaining odor is a blend of poop and perfume. The result is "PooFume".
Your mother just left for work, I can tell it smells like "PooFume" in the bathroom.
by easterbunny November 28, 2011
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