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people who tan WAAAAAAAY too much and have leathery skin like a suitcase.
did you see that old cougar at the pool? She totally has Samsonite syndrome, all she needs is a handle.
by tamtamcracker August 10, 2009
when you aren't quite sure what to wear out on a date, or out with your friends, or to your next big event...so you work what you have and wear a really low cut top or something with lots of cleavage to distract men from what you're wearing.
"OMG, Karen...what the HELL am I going to wear to the bar on Friday?"
"Screw it. It's hot out. Wear your boobs."
by tamtamcracker September 25, 2009
when someone (usually a drunk) has nasty tore up elbows from leaning up on the bar repeatedly.
Annie totally has barbow from hanging out at the bar EVERY NIGHT.
by tamtamcracker September 21, 2009
a celebrity bride
I am so sick of seeing these Celebrideys on the cover of US Weekly. Who cares who won the Bachelor and who she ends up with? They all break up anyways!
by tamtamcracker August 10, 2009
anything one grabs for in a guest's bathroom to cover up the lingering small after taking a surprise dump.
After dropping a deuce and not wanting to be found out, she reached for anything with a spray nozzle to act as a poofume to cover up the smell.
by tamtamcracker April 11, 2011
speculating via text message.
I was watching True Blood, and my girlfriend and I were texspeculating whether or not Eric the vampire has a big package or not.
by tamtamcracker August 21, 2009
REALLY drunk. more than hammered.
I was at the bar last week and was so hammer jammered I don't even know WHAT I said to that guy. It was a guy right??
by tamtamcracker August 21, 2009

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