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How good your aim is whilst pooing.
Man 1: Ewwww, Jenson left skid marks all down the side of the toilet.
Man 2: Sick, he has a really bad poodar.
by Shiz'nit definitions December 31, 2008
A heightened sensory ability to detect and avoid dog shit.
"Good job I had my poodar on, or I would've walked straight into that shit."
by Mr Kelpie September 16, 2012
The sudden urge to take a crap while near a toilet. When you go to the bathroom just to pee, but once you get there you suddenly have to take a dump as well.
"Hey man, what took you so long?"
"I thought I just had to piss but once I got there my poodar kicked in and I had to take a dump."
by Th33w0kRap15t April 29, 2008
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